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      We only employ fully trained technicians, they’re some of the best in the industry.

      AU DUCT CLEANING owns a specialist team in duct&unit cleaning, maintenance and repair serving both commercial and residential clients. All our technicians are fully trained industry professionals. We are a 100% Australian owned company.

      We have a track record in delivering quality cleaning services consistently and cost effectively. More than that, we also offer premier duct and unit maintenance and repair servicing.

      Our profession is our passion. We are driven to maintain our standing as a highly trusted provider in the duct cleaning industry. Our technicians are committed to delivering high standards of service which has enabled our loyal customer base. Join them! Put your ducts in our skilled hands.

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      Our Services

      Bring To The Table Best Quality Service In Melbourne Including:

      Ducted Heating Cleaning

      Through the modern and advantage equipment, We offer the detailed cleaning and maintenance service for your ducted system. We will wipe off household dust, pollen, dead insect parts(even dead mousses), mould spores, bacteria, dander, pet hair, toxic materials and anything else might be trapped inside of the duct system.

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      Evaporative Cooling Cleaning

      Evaporative Cooling System Cleaning Service will remove windblown dust and pollen, avoid the unit and ducts to be clogged up which leads to blocked filter pads, fan motor, circulation pump troubles and blockages within the water distribution system. We will guarantee the best airflow, fresh air through the house and the system will work more efficiently after the full clean.

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      Split System Cleaning

      Air Conditioning Systems are a prime breeding ground of mould to grow, dust mites and bacteria will build up inside air conditioners, contaminating the air you breathe, which can have damaging effects on your health. Our split system cleaning service will check, clean and test your air conditioning split system.

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      Our technicians can provide Gas heater/evaporative cooler air conditioner maintenance, servicing, repairs, replacements. Before fixing the issues, they will show you through the problem and confirm the solution.

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      Commercial Duct Cleaning

      We specialize in HACV cleaning of the business environment, the latest equipment plus fully trained technicians will provide a clean and healthy business environment for office buildings, chemical laboratories, restaurants, shops, real estate agents, industrial buildings and other commercial places.

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      Duct Repairs

      We are experts in duct repair and replacement. We are always able to provide the best duct repair solutions for our customers. Before the repair, we will carry out a careful and full inspection in order to ensure that the right duct issues will be located and then make the right solution and plan. Finally solving your duct issue qualifiedly and quickly.

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      Our Professional Work Process

      We take pride in our work. Each of our technicians are trained to adhere to the company’s operational procedures consistently to ensure the safety, quality and reliability of our cleaning services. We continuously assess our cleaning and repair processes to keep our position as a leader in the duct cleaning industry.


      What Our Client Says

      Why Clean Your Ducts?

      * Keep Your Indoor Air Fresh And Healthy

      Duct Cleaning will help with improving indoor air quality, Reduce the possibility of allergens triggering Asthma and other breathing diseases. Remove rodents, unfavorable insects and pests, dirt, dander, animal hair, pollen and eliminate bad smells.

      * Save Energy Bill

      Duct cleaning will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system and save your energy bills by up to 19%.

      * Reduce Fire Hazard

      Duct Cleaning will remove Excessive dirt and dusts in the system which will lead to system overheat and potential fire.

      * Extend The Life Cycle Of HACV System

      Duct cleaning will remove dusts from HACV system and help HACV system to work under the good condition, which will extend your  HACV system life cycle.

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