Duct Repairs

We are experts in duct repair and replacement. We assess and provide duct repair solutions. We have solved many challenging cases for our customers.

Before the repair, we conduct a full inspection to identify issues and remedies. We then consult you about the best solution.

What is our duct repair process?

  • Inspect the ceiling or underground duct system and compile an assessment and damage report with photos
  • Advise our customer of the issues and repair/ replacement options
  • When repairing, retest the duct system
  • When required, remove broken ducts and any foreign material from your site

We Are Trusted

With Valid Police Checks


All Trained Technicians

Customer Support

7 Days A Week

Benefits of Service

  • Improve your indoor air quality
  • Prolong the product life of your duct system
  • Restore airflow strength
  • Keep your house warm/cool more efficiently
  • Potentially save on energy bill
  • Provide healthier air quality for your family, friends, employees, and customers