Evaporative Cooling System

Periodic servicing of the evaporative cooling system will:
- Remove dust and pollen that have built up in the coolers and ducts
- Prevent the unit and ducts becoming clogged which eventually lead to blockages in the: fan motor, filter pads and water distribution system
- Reduces troubles and wear and tear on the circulation pump - the system will work more efficiently
- Increases airflow and air quality throughout the house

What will our technicians do in servicing your evaporative cooling?

  • Remove and thoroughly clean the evaporative cooler system and pads
  • Clean the tank including removal of dust, dirt, leaves, feathers and bird droppings etc
  • Drain and replace the water from the tank and pipes
  • Clean and clear each individual duct
  • Clean and wash each individual vent

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An evaporative cooling system should be cleaned annually before summer to ensure a heathy and efficient system.