Ducted Heating Cleaning

We use modern equipment which allows thorough and efficient cleaning and maintenance of your ducted system.

We thoroughly clean your ducts including removal of: dust, pollen/spores, insects, vermin, mould, bacteria, pet hair, and any other toxic materials trapped within your duct system.

Checking & Maintenance

What specific services do our technicians perform?

  • Sanitize each individual duct
  • Clean the heating fan motor
  • Clean the return air vent
  • Complete a carbon monoxide test
  • Deodorize & sanitize the system with a natural tea tree oil cleanser
  • Inspect the duct connections (optional)

We Are Trusted

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Benefits of Service

With long-term use, the duct system will accumulate various hazardous material including dust, vermin, bacteria and odours. This may contribute to: respiratory illness, allergies, an increased energy bill through inefficiency and the risk of fire. For health and safety, regular duct system cleaning is advisable.