Did The Right Duct Cleaning Before?

The customer complained that the heating ducts were smelly. She mentioned the ducts just were cleaned one/two years ago. But Much dust was cleaned out from the heating ducts with our duct cleaning proceduce as the pictures presented. It looks the ducts were not cleaned over than 10 years. Obversily the ducts were not cleaned by the right ways before. How to clean the duct with right way?

1, cleaning the ducts with the special equipments, not with the normal vaccum or home cleaning equipments

2, the right cleaning steps:

Step1: cleaning the unit motor, then keep the unit running efficiently and save your gas energy bill

Step2: cleaning the return ducts which will keep 90% duct dust and virus. also it’s different to clean it. Many of duct cleaner will not ignore it

Step3: turn on your heater, then cleaning every duct.

Step4: spray the tea tree oil to sanitise and Deodorise your ducts

Step5: test carbon  monoxide to insure there is no gas leaking. Keeping safty is important.

Step6: if possible,please request the cleaner to have a duct connection inspection. The old ducts are easy to be broken.

3, the right and qualified persons to clean your ducts. Most of duct cleaner are not trained in the market.

Recommend to clean your ducts every year or every two years. How offen depends on how often you are using your heating or cooling system. You can make a decision through watching the return duct situation(very dirty or not).