Two Typical Signs of Leaking Ducts or Duct Disconnection

If your duct has leaks or is detached, it will be a huge energy waste in your home. Do you know how to tell if your duct is leaking or disconnected? Below, AU Duct Cleaning discusses signs indicating a duct leak, bend or disconnection requiring repair or replacement.


1) Duct pushes out odorous air or harbors insects:

If you have sanitized/deodorized the duct yourself and the air still does not smell clean or there are signs of insects, then this strongly indicates a leak or disconnection.  The cause can be old ducts in disrepair or animals such as mice, rats or possums.


2) The temperature of some rooms is different from other rooms.

Once the duct leaks or bends, it will cause air to flow outside the channel and prevent air from flowing into the designated area of the house. If you notice weak or no air flow from a vent, the most common problems are that the duct has leaks, is bent or a section is disconnected.

Typical signs of a leaking, bent or disconnected ducts are unpleasant odours, insects, and temperature inconsistencies.


There are two ways to solve leaks, bends or disconnection issue:

1. Repair the ducts where possible;

2. Otherwise, replace the leak or disconnected duct with a new duct segment (we will advise on cost effective options and can source and install for you).